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  • How do you guarentee your ethics?
    We would love to tell you all about how our Crystals are Guarenteed to have no synthetic treatment, and come from an ethical non-destructive source; but there isn't enough room here! Head to our Ethics page to learn more.
  • How will my Crystals be shipped to me?
    Our Estimated processing time is 1-5 Buisness Days + Shipping time. All our items are shipped via Australia Post and you will receive a shipping tracking number once your order has been dispatched. If the wait time on your order exceeds one week before shipping, we will contact you to let you know as no one likes a long wait, however please allow extra time in the case of custom orders. Please be aware that we cannot assume responsibility for any issues during transit. Once you have received your shipping number, please be in contact with Australia Post Via this link if you think your item is delayed, damaged or lost. Shipping will be paid for by the buyer and calculated at checkout. You can learn more on our Shipping and returns policy page. Your crystals will be safely packed in Enviromentally friendly Compostable packaging provided by Aussie legends, Heaps Good Packaging.
  • What is your Return policy?
    Gemstones are unique formations, and will never be the same as another. Please be understanding that your gemstone will differ from the item pictured unless specified as the "Pictured" peice. However, we try to ensure consistency in our grading so that your crystals will be of the same general size, quality, clarity and colour as that of which you ordered. Every piece is carefully selected with love and should arrive as described. Our gemstones are not man-made or artificially altered and so may include fissures, fractures, inclusions, pockets, and all manner of amazing characteristics that make each gemstone so unique. Ethical Gemstones Sunshine Coast will not process refunds for any features of the crystal as listed above, however will provide a soloution if the item has arived broken. If this occurs, please contact us with a photo of your broken crystal or item, order number and your contact details within 7 days of receiving your purchase so we can arrange the most suitable soloution. We are happy to replace undamaged items that don't meet your expectation. To be eligible for this contact us. The item must be returned in the same condition and packaging as when it was purchased or received with an explanation, within 7 days from the purchase date - This will be judged on a case by case basis.
  • Where is Ethical Crystals based?
    Ethical Crystals is based in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland Australia. We operate our buisness locally, attending local markets and facilitating some of our work at local Lapidary clubs. We love to support local Buisness, and would love to hear from you if you are an artist or buisness person who would like to collaborate with us.
  • I have a Crystal that I dont recognise, can you identify it?"
    We will do our very best to give you all the information we can on any Gemstone that is sent in to us. Email us at with a picture of your Crystal and we will help you identify it by its mineral composition.
  • Tree Planting
    You heard right, We Plant Trees! If you don't know about us owners (Izzy and Zac), We're avid permaculturists! We commit a percentage of our profits from Ethical Crystals to growing Native Australian Bushtucker trees which we plant on volunteer public land. We do this to play a small part in keeping our area Green, in a way that will encourage folks to enjoy Australian Native plants the way that we do. The more our Ethical Crystals buisness grows, the more we can Grow 🌱 Our most recent project is a 60 Tree Bushtucker forest with additional Riparian repair at the Victory Squash Courts in Gympie. This area is made for the public to one day picnic beneath the fruiting Native bushtucker trees and listen to the frogs around the waterways. Soon we will be adding another lot (50-70 trees) of heavy carbon sucking Blue Gum Eucalyptus, to offset some of our businesses attributed carbon footprint. Feel free to go visit, and play a game of Squash while you're there!

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