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The Importance of Ethics

About us


Gemstones are exquisite demonstrations of nature's remarkable forces at play. They are birthed through an extraordinary interplay of circumstances:  a precise fusion of minerals under perfect conditions of pressure, temperature, and various environmental factors, resulting in breathtaking creations of organic artistry.


In our devotion to celebrating the splendor of these gems, we are equally committed to minimizing the ecological footprint left by the mining industry in its quest for these precious treasures.


  1. Our gemstone selection comprises of stones unearthed through non-excavation mining. We exclusively source our supply from Australian fossickers, individuals who passionately collect these treasures by hand from the surface without the use of heavy machinery. Our international gemstones are sourced from antique collections, where vintage stones find new life in cherished creations.

  2. All Lapidary craftsmanship, from cutting to polishing, is done by our skilled artisans, entirely by hand, right here within our local community.

  3. Our relationships with our stone suppliers extend far beyond the transactional; they evolve into genuine friendships. We take pride in knowing the people who provide us with these treasures, as it enables us to better understand and appreciate the unique story behind each gem.

  4. We receive our gemstones in their raw, natural form, ensuring the authenticity and purity of each piece. Our commitment to exclusively offering untreated gemstones guarantees that our collection remains devoted t to the untamed beauty of nature.

  5. To counterbalance the environmental impact of the mining industry, we proudly maintain a carbon-positive status by planting trees for every quantity of gemstones sold, attempting to cultivate a more flourishing country for generations to come.


Australia is filled with abundance, and through our stones we share it with you, naturally, sustainably and honestly.

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We aim to cater to the more logical, as well as the spiritually attuned; to assist people from all walks to include the beauty of authentic crystals into their homes and workplaces, without fear of environmental damage, unfair labor, or synthetic alteration.

We hope you learn with us why crystals are truly so precious, and how by being mindful about where our gems come from, we can preserve our even more precious planet.

We would love for you to read more below ♥︎ 

Our Ethics

Sustainability and Fair Trade are worth supporting. 

Your money is a reflection of the time you spent working for it, we promise to be authentic in what we return for your time. We will never swap your time for environmental devastation, clever marketing tricks or treated gemstones. We guarantee that your statement piece is beautiful, without negative environmental or social impact, as well as transparent in its origins. Through ours and your efforts, we can gradually change the way we collectively consume and ensure that the Earth, its precious minerals and the people who mine them are treated with respect. 


Environmental responsibility:

Our long term goal is to construct an Environmental regeneration collective that will be able to facilitate large projects and return mining land to productive and thriving ecosystems. Until that time we refuse to support large environmentally devastating mines, and primarily source our stones in small batches from artisanal miners or non-excavator mining. This way we know that the impact of our crystals is small and that the area they were extracted from has not been abused. In addition through our other company Rascals Farm, we facilitate native planting projects to offset some of this impact.


Fair work conditions:

Our primary suppliers are fossicking artisanal miners who are passionate about the gems they uncover. They make their living independently via small scale mining without the use of heavy machinery and primarily mine by hand. These artisanal miners are intensely protective of the environment they work in and sustainably unearthing the minerals they collect. We prefer to financially support Artisan miners as they maintain their own personal fair trade standards via their self-employment and their ability to set their own prices. We can establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them where we learn about their welfare and the minerals they find and ensure their message is not being manipulated by a middleman. We are able to support families to financially provide for themselves and their children (in a safe way) without having to enter unfavourable working conditions that occur in many areas of the gem industry. 


Purchasing power:

By directing your purchasing power as a consumer toward ethical brands you can take money and business away from those who abuse the industry and put a future into the hands of people who deserve it. We believe strongly in the power of our purchases, and will only support suppliers and miners with traceable fair-labour practices. We make certain we know every step the crystal has taken as we cut and polish it ourselves,  ensuring there has been no possibility of synthetic alteration. 


Untreated and Totally Natural:

The value of gemstones rapidly fluctuates due to discoveries, new synthetic treatments and man-made minerals flooding the market. Due to crafty marketing techniques, many gemstones are being falsely advertised, or physically altered to raise their price and bring a bigger profit to the shop. We will always commit to sharing information on avoiding these fraudulent sales and only supplying genuine untreated gemstones with origin transparency. All of our gems are as authentic as they were when they were pulled from the earth with no synthetic treatment. The only alteration made to any of our gemstones is polishing or cutting, which will be listed in the product description.

Although we don't stock any synthetic crystals, we recognise they have their place. There are some man-made faceted crystals that perhaps should be supported; for example, Moissanite, which is a man-made synthetic crystal with a higher refractory index (sparkle) than diamond. Purchasing Moissanite is an exercise of Purchasing power; as it removes the possibility of buying 'blood diamonds' or supporting unfavourable mining conditions whilst also taking business away from unethical monopolising Diamond companies who engage in unethical practices.


If you are looking for more from your purchase, buying an ethical gem is a privilege that we hope you will help us support ♥︎

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