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Fossicking Excursion

Embark on a captivating fossicking adventure with us! Our exclusive fossicking excursions unfold on private properties, offering you a unique opportunity to master the art of uncovering gemstones. Bring home your discoveries and create lasting memories with our immersive experiences.

Sorry! Our sessions are currently fully booked. Please join our waiting list and we will contact you with possible upcoming avalibility.







- An information booklet for each participant including an identification chart of the gemstones that are being searched for; A list of guidelines on how to fossick in our ethical way and Information about the local geology of the area.


We start with a short geology lesson regarding how the gemstones of the area are formed, and how to identify and find them.

Up to 2 hours of fossicking for the stones we have identified.

A 30-minute break for water, snacks, and reapplication of sunscreen or repellants. Please bring your own Food, Water and sun protection.

A closing discussion of what was found with identification; and time for questions.

For children's groups, we additionally conclude with:
- A short show and tell of each participant's favourite crystal found. 

- A fun quiz on gemstones with a tumbled gemstone as a prize (one per participant).

You will be accompanied by an experienced fossicker who is available to answer questions and help with identification and discovery throughout the session. 

Depending on location, general pricing is typically:

$35 Per Person 

Aged 5 upwards.


For any parent bringing a child at the full rate listed above, the parent pays an additional $5. Making a parent-child combo $40.

The minimum private group size is 15 people.

For smaller group sizes, an additional fee applies to the per-person rate. 

Fossicking sessions last for up to 3 hours; shorter sessions can be arranged for younger children groups.

The location for each session will change, we will contact you before payment with the location to ensure you can get to the site. 

Private Trips may be arranged for group sizes of 15 people

All children younger than 16 must be accompanied by a guardian.

We will contact you prior to your trip with what to bring.


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