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What is an ethical gemstone?

Our ethical gemstones are more than a title. They are a guarantee that your stone has been found by an Australian Fossickers hands, from surface level without the use of destructive machinery. Each crystal has been intuitively found, and organically cut and polished to bring out the best in nature.

Every Stone we sell is hand-fossicked; 

Has provided joy and livelihood to an Australian fossicker.

Is entirely natural and unique, with no possibility of synthetic alteration.

Assists us to plant a carbon-offset native forest, that you may visit at any time.

Comes with genuine information, the location found and a direct link to the fossicker who found it.

benefits of shopping with ethical gemstones australia

We believe that every purchase should make a positive impact on the earth. We provide ethically sourced, hand-fossicked Australian gemstones that are perfect for collections, gifts, jewellery, and investments.

Our gemstones are chosen for their beauty, rarity, and investment potential.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to invest in precious gems while also contributing to the preservation of our planet. Every crystal purchased includes a percentage spent on our Carbon Offset forest in Queensland Australia. This forest is available for public visitation and is being developed to carbon offset some of the damage caused in the gemstone industry; as well as to provide a space for our future families to enjoy the natural and native environment.

Help us restore our country, one crystal at a time.

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