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Harmonise at Home with Feng Shui

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When designing a new room, garden or greenhouse, I like to take a leaf from ancient china, and use a Feng Shui map to keep my households energy active. Feng Shui uses a variety of elements to chart the balance of energy and to invite positive flow into the space. Use the resource below to align your homes gemstones, plants or decorations in the most effective areas of the house, for maximum good vibes.

The principle of Yin and Yang is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites, for example, female-male, dark-light and old-young. Polar opposites exist everywhere and are important to balance within the home to maintain calm energy.

"Yin energy is receptive, intuitive, reflective, passive, accepting, and provides the quiet strength of spirit. Yang is life energy - active, hot, dynamic, and spirited. It provides the strength of physical power. Together and balanced, they bring life to our minds, spirits, and bodies. When they are out of balance they become negative forces that rob us of life and spirit. Keeping them in balance in our lives means keeping them in balance in our environments so that together they form healthy energy that can move freely and not become either too Yin or Yang, and thus destructive"

"Universal force meanders slowly when it is healthy and life bringing positive energy. It drifts and wanders, flowing easily and bringing the breath of life.

This force becomes unhealthy negative energy when it is either blocked and becomes stagnant or is forced into hard fast lanes when it becomes destructive.

The practice of Feng Shui is the practice of arranging an environment that keeps the Life Force energy flowing and balanced so that we can live and thrive."

I am a visual person, and so use a Feng Shui design tool, a Bagua map, as a visual tool to help me design my space. Feng Shui is ancient and complicated, but using this tool allows me sucess even as a beginner. The Traditional colours used in the Bagua map are associated with the five basic elements of the universal life force; Fire, Water, Metal, Earth, Wood. Each element assists in enhancing, or diminishing effectiveness or one another depending on their relative positions. It's all about mindfulness in the home!

To Use the Chart:

Page 1: Bagua Map - Align the compass in the centre with the direction of your home. Use the colours and elements to help you plan where in your house is a space for healing, for career, for Love and etcetera. Learn which direction your home faces by standing on your front door step, facing outwards, and check a compass app.

Page 2: 9 piece colour chart - turn the chart until the aligning line (Bottom) is aligned with the entrance wall to your room (wall with the main door on it). Inside this space, place your decoration in coordination with the colours indicated. We have written a heap of gems into these areas to help you identify where is most effective to keep each stone within your space.

Although this is just a really basic introduction to an ancient and very expansive art, I have used my understanding to design my spaces with mindfulness and energy flow in mind. The extra thought always achieves the best decorating results and my home always feels like a haven to me. I hope all of your homes feel the same. I would really recommend if you are interested to go and learn more, there is a whole world to this ancient art to explore.

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