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Papua New Guinea Quartz

Our collection of Papua New Guinea Quartz is from a Protruding Quartz Vein located on a Man's private farm in PNG. The protruding vein shifts a few centimeters every year which forces some of the crystals to crack from the host and fall to the ground. Each year this kindly farmer collects what has fallen from the vein, packages it in hessian sacks and sends it to Us here at Ethical Crystals. We have the pleasure of sorting and cleaning these incredible crystals, and helping them find their way into their forever homes. Within the vein there are areas with a heavier iron inclusion which occasionally affects the quartz resulting in Yellow and Tangerine stained Quartz Crystals, amongst the stunning clear and white.

Quick Reasons We Love This Quartz:

- From a Protruding Quartz Vein, meaning no digging or tools used!

- It is sustainably harvested, only picking up what naturally falls.

- It has gorgeous clarity! Some pieces have been set aside as AAA Museum collection pieces.

- Variety in colour due to Iron staining; pure white, yellow or tangerine.

- We are able to have a personal relationship with the farmer, and fairly pay for his gems.

One of our devine customers from the Pomona Markets whom does energy and spiritual readings, once received one of these quartz as a tool for her work. She kindly brought us in a description of the conversation she was having in her spiritual practice with the stone. We really appreciated the generous effort she made for us in bringing this in, and we are delighted that she was happy for us to share it with others. Please read on the photos below >>

We have so much love for our wonderful customers who show us the value in what we are doing. Thank you to everyone who supports us in any way, whether it be through purchases or just cheering us on from the sideline. You are making this ethical change possible - You are a legend!

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