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Amazonite Bug Body

Amazonite Bug Body


Hand-cut and polished Amazonite Bug Body to be used for jewelry.

This hand-carved Ant body shape was made from Amazonite Rough which was acquired through a vintage estate. I was told the rough was found in Broken Hill district NSW. 


This piece would look amazing with a jewellers addition of some legs and antenae. 

  • Hardness + Care

    Amazonite has a hardness of 6 - 6.5 which is moderately hard. This stone can be damaged by harder stones such as quartz.

    Amazonite can be cleaned with or submerged in water with no damage to the crystal.

  • Locality + Mining Process

    See Description  
  • Crystal Description

    Amazonite is a combination of Green and greenish-blue varieties of potassium feldspars. It has a unique sheen. 
  • Crystal Profile

    We don't currently have a profile for Amazonite, however if required we would reccomend researching the stone on


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