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Pair Jade Cabochons

Pair Jade Cabochons


Hand-cut and polished pair of high dome Nephrite Jade Cabochons to be used for earrings or matching jewelry. Small sized Cabochons, 

Aprox 10mmX6mm each with a height of 4-5mm



  • Hardness + Care

    Jade has a hardness of 6-7 and is pretty sturdy, however, can be scratched by quartz or harder Gemstones.

    Jade can be cleaned with or submerged in water with no damage to the crystal.

  • Locality + Mining Process

    The slab of jade these pieces were cut from was gifted to me by a friend from New Zealand. The slab was an offcut from the jade they used to hand-carve their Manaia necklaces. 
  • Crystal Description

    Jade is a sacred stone for different cultures for different reasons. 
    The majority of the world's Jade (Or Jadeite) was mined in Burma (now Myanmar) for sale in the Asain market; where the Green stone is synonymous with good fortune. Other major deposits include Nephrite in New Zealand, and now Australian Chrysophrase is being purchased and redistrubited as "Sun Jade", to fill the gap in the market. 
  • Crystal Profile

    A profile on Jade will likely not make its way onto our website, as it is not typically an australian Stone. For any information regarding Jade, please visit 

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