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Pink Opal Bug Body

Pink Opal Bug Body


Hand-cut and polished Pink Opal Bug Body to be used for jewelry. Found in WA. 

This piece hasn't got the perfect polish and may suit a quick tumble. If wire wrapped the average polishing could be hidden. The average polish is reflected in the price. 

  • Hardness + Care

    Pink Opal has a hardness of 5-6 which is medium hardness. This stone can be scratched by harder stones such as quartz.

    Pink opal can be cleaned with or submerged in water with no damage to the crystal.

  • Locality + Mining Process

    See Description  
  • Crystal Description

    Pink Opal is a combination of silica minerals and palygorskite. It is a natural pink stone.
  • Crystal Profile

    We don't currently have a profile for Pink opal, But aim to create one soon! If required we would recommend researching the stone on


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