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Trees? Yes Please

We (Izzy and Zac) are passionate permaculturists.  Together we have been raising native trees for 5 years and using them to reestablish local ecosystems.

With your help, we are able to sustain frequent tree planting projects, such as a public Bush tucker forest in Gympie Queensland, or our Carbon offsetting forest in Crows Nest Queensland. 

Your support keeps us going. 

We have propagated and planted hundreds of trees in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas, and want to keep on going! 

For every $100 earned, we are able to commit a portion of that money to grow native tree stock, planting and maintaining it in a permaculture fashion within the QLD region.

We enjoy studying carbon offsetting, and we commit to applying the learnings we have made to minimize the carbon output of Ethical Crystals Sunshine Coast.

We do not import any gemstones from overseas, or purchase from any suppliers who do. We are 100% Australian sourced and supplied. This helps us keep our footprint low as well as support our kindly nation. 

Did you know we only purchase our crystals from small-time Australian Fossickers, who don't use any excavation machinery to extract the gems? If you'd like to learn about it, head to our Ethics page >       Ethics page

Each month Izzy writes an article for the Gympie Living Magazine about Australian native plants, bushtucker, and what's flowering for the season. You can read the latest issue or catch up on old articles online here >>          Read articles

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