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Thunder Egg Half - From Mt Hay QLD

Thunder Egg Half - From Mt Hay QLD


This product is the exact stone pictured.


Authentic untreated Thunderegg half from Mt Hay QLD. 

This specimen has a high-quality hand polish on one side and is left in its natural state on the back face. It contains a purple/red star shape with what appears to be a calcite or quartz centre. 

  • Hardness + Care

    The centre of a thunder egg is made of agate which has a hardness of 7 and is pretty sturdy.

    Agate can be cleaned with or submerged in water with no damage to the crystal.

    The exterior of the Thunderegg may absorb water as it is made of Rhyolite Lava. But it shouldn't be damaged if washed gently.

  • Locality + Mining Process

    This Thundegg was fossicked at Mt Hay Fossicking Park in QLD.

    Familiarize yourself with the geological characteristics of thundereggs. They often have a round or oval shape, and their outer surface might be rough or partially weathered. The real beauty lies inside, with agate patterns and vibrant colors.

  • Crystal Description

    A thunderegg is a spherical or ovoid nodule formed in volcanic rocks, typically within ash beds or lava flows. It develops as agate, a type of microcrystalline quartz, gradually fills cavities in the rock, creating concentric layers. The outer surface may appear unremarkable, but when cut, thundereggs reveal intricate patterns and vibrant colors formed by mineral deposition. These formations serve as geological records, offering insights into ancient volcanic environments. Thundereggs are valued for both their aesthetic appeal and scientific significance.
  • Crystal Profile

    To learn more about Thundereggs including where they are typically mined, their chemical formula and their family, visit the Thunderegg Crystal Profile.

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