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Unakite - Ca2(Al,Fe)3Si3O12(OH)

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Unakite -

Mineral Profile

Attributes: Unakite is an altered granite found in metamorphic, metasomatic and hydrothermal rocks.

Grades: If the crystals are high enough quality, unakite may be considered a semiprecious gem and cut for jewellery.

Colours: Pink (Feldspar) , Green (Epidote) , white (Quartz) - Composed irregularly of green epidote, pink feldspar and white quartz.

Luster: Vitreous, Greasy

Rarity: Common, rare when the crystals included are intact and have translucency.

Country of Origin: USA, South Africa, Brazil, China, Sierra Leone

Typically, this stone forms where there are two convergent plate boundaries.

Hardness: 6-7

Chemical Composition: Pink orthoclase feldspar; epidote + quartz (Si02) Silicate - undefined formations. Calcium, aluminium and iron silicate, Ca2 (Al, Fe)3Si3O12 (OH)

Crystal system: monoclinic

History: Unakite is named after the unaka range in North Carolina where the rock was first discovered.

Health Information: some epidote varieties contain lead and radioactive elements. it's best to exercise caution when handling rough unakite.

Intended healing: chakra - base; heart

heal sexual imbalance; The abundance stone - Lust, Desire, Balance, Optimism, Sleep Pattern.

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