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Cats Eye Rose Quartz Cabochons

Cats Eye Rose Quartz Cabochons


Hand-cut and polished Set of Rose Quartz Cats eye Cabochons to be used for jewelry.


There is a small, medium and larger cabochon, all perfectly polished - and each with a slice of clear quartz and a mirror attached to the back. This backing dilutes the pink colour of the stones, making them appear more clear - but the catseye effect is nicely balanced across each stone.

  • Hardness + Care

    Rose Quartz has a hardness of 7 and is pretty sturdy, however, can be scratched by quartz or harder Gemstones.

    Rose Quartz can be cleaned with or submerged in water with no damage to the crystal.

  • Locality + Mining Process

    These cabochons were hand cut by one of our Fossickers, and have been away in their personal collection awaiting to be made into jewelery.  
  • Crystal Description

    Rose Quartz is a pink variety of Quartz
  • Crystal Profile

    For more information on Rose Quartz, See the Rose Quartz Mineral profile :)

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