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Chunky Ocean Kyanite with Mica - Harts Range

Chunky Ocean Kyanite with Mica - Harts Range


This product is the exact stone pictured. A thick rectangle chunk of Ocean Kyanite with Biotite Mica inclusions. This gemstone is very limited on the market as this colouration only comes from the Harts Range Australia.  


Australian Kyanite from the famous Harts Range district in NT Australia. This piece was hand fossicked and remains in its raw state. It shows a good crystal blade form and has biotite mica included. This piece has beautiful transparency in some area and a beautiful vibrant colour to the Kyanite crystal when held against the light, which also contains black specs of Mica. 


Our stock for this gemstone comes from the original site discovery in the Harts Range which has now sadly been depleated and closed for regeneration, meaning this gem is very limited.

  • Hardness + Care

    Kyanite has dual hardness of 4.5 and 6, meaning the gem has different sturdiness depending on the direction. Ocean Kyanite is a precious and limited mineral so we recommend being cautious with your stone and keeping it somewhere protected. 

    Kyanite has a hardness of 4.5 along its crystal axis, and 6-7 across the axis.

  • Locality + Mining Process

    Kyanite comes in varied qualities and hues of Blue "Ocean", "Icy", Bi-colour, Green and Black. "Ocean" refers to a rarer Australian only varient with a vivid teal colour and transparent gemminess. "Bi colour" indicates two or more obvious colours in the same crystal. 

    The ocean "Blue/green" varient is found only in Australia in the Harts Range and is famous for its exquisite vivid colour and gemminess. To identify a high quality stone look for the density of colour, the transparency "Gemminess", wether the gemstone has fault lines or mica layers running through it (as these may crack during work on the crystal), and whether any distinguishable “Crystal” shape can be identified which increases the price for collectors. 

  • Crystal Description

    Kyanite is a precious blue metamorphosed peri-aluminous sedimentary gemstone with a bladed growth habit. This gem is brittle and requires extra care in polishing and shaping. When buffed, polished or wet, Kyanite has an exquisite chatoyant shine.
    Kyanite grows as a Metamorphasis deep inside earths crust inside areas of biotite gneiss, mica schist, and hornfels, which are metamorphic rocks formed at high pressure during regional metamorphism of a protolith rich in aluminium.
    Kyanite is named after Greek word "Kyanos" meaning "blue" because of its colour. Some fine specimens have sapphire-blue colour with violet pleochroism. until the mid 20th century Kyanite was spelt and refered to as Cyanite.
  • Crystal Profile

    To learn more about Kyanite including where it is typically mined, its chemical formular and family, visit the Kyanite Crystal Profile.

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